2 years ago

2013-03-16 22:13:05 by Mrkapow

So 2 years ago is where it all began here, at newgrounds! My journey in composition has taken me to many places that I have enjoyed. Thank you for the 12 fans I currently have, it does mean a lot that my music can be liked. I have been experimenting a lot in music lately and I get a lot of feedback which is great! Even though the steps I'm taking aren't in one direction of style of music, its going to lead me somewhere new and hopefully exciting

Thanks Newgrounds for your help and I shall continue to muck around and make more music =)

So the beginning...

2011-02-19 00:48:03 by Mrkapow

The start is always hard, just because no one knows you I guess, but hopefully I shall get started into making music for animations or just for people's liking =)

We shall see how things play out. Till then (for those who actually read this) I hopefully shall see you in the future!